What is Capture?

Capture is a bug-reporting tool that was made by people who know how much time and resources it takes to collect all information and then provide it to developers. And know the real price of the time and speed.

Capture is designed to minimize back-and-forth communication with developers, facilitate faster and more efficient testing for QAs, and serves as a powerful tool for customer support teams to promptly address and resolve customer complaints.

Capture provides a comprehensive suite of features beyond video recording and annotated screenshots. It encompasses crucial technical details that offer immense value to the developers. Alongside video functionality, Capture collects system information and all events, including clicks, keystrokes, page navigation, and tab switching. Crucially, it incorporates vital technical specifics such as console logs and network information. This extensive data allows you to conduct a video walk-through, showcasing precise steps taken within your application or website when encountering an issue. This rich blend of technical insights is bolstered by video and screenshots, ensuring a thorough and detailed approach to problem-solving.

With Capture, you have the amazing ability to continuously record a page in the background. So, if an annoying bug pops up, just hit "Last 60 seconds" to revisit the scene and figure out what caused it. Plus, you'll have all the technical logs handy for the engineers to work their magic and fix it!

Capturing bugs has never been this easy and fun!๐Ÿ˜Ž

So what you get with Capture?

โœ… Fewer follow-up questions that pop-ups while you are on a call,

โœ… no long threads of questions under the ticket,

โœ… no more abrupt meetings or 'short calls' that swallow your hours and of course -

โœ… you'll spend less time doing manual work.

We bet it will help you save 10 hours per week if not more, whether you are a QA, developer or PM.

Give it a try. Learn how to start here.

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